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Top Personal Finance Bloggers

With the beginning of the year close to us One of the most important items you’ll want to pay attention to is your finances, especially following a year as challenging as 2020.

To assist you in achieving this, here’s an overview of the top financial blogs to make your travels more enjoyable, and also provide some fun throughout the process.

From young and newcomers in the industry from long-time veterans to newcomers There’s plenty of advice on these websites to help you through the next decade of the new year.

While this list is an array of different perspectives it also has two elements in common : each blogger is inspiring and relevant. The best personal finance is always the latter.

“Afford Everything” by Paula Pant

Life-changing advice contained in the title. You can get everything… But not all of it. What’s the plan?

Afford Anything offers answers to two crucial questions: How do we make better choices regarding our finances, time and lives? How can we adapt our everyday behaviors and habits to the lifestyle that we most value?

Personal Finance Blogs

Financial Samurai by Sam Dogen

Financial Samurai delves deep into investing and real estate, retirement planning, career strategies and much more, so that we can all reach financial independence sooner rather than later.

Achieving having an MBA at UC Berkeley and two decades working in the finance sector The Financial Samurai will help you solve the mystery of money.

Four Pillars Finance

In the year 2019, aged 25 years old, Zach was able to quit his work as data scientists due to the fact that he started earning enough money through websites that made money to pay for his entire life.

Four Pillars Finance is a financial blog that draws on the disciplines of psychology, philosophy work ethic, philosophy, as well as personal financial management to show people how to lead your most fulfilling life.

4. Rich & Regular is a collaboration between Julien as well as Kiersten Saunders

In the course of five years Julien as well as Kiersten paid the debt of $200,000 and dramatically increased their wealth, and gained a wealth of lessons.

Today their blog and Money on the Table video series encourage better discussions about money.

5. Wallet Hacks by Jim Wang

It was created to help you understand the world of money, Wallet Hacks is a blog about how you can manage your money better and with less effort. There are no products, services or even information that will help you get more efficient in your financial management. The simplicity of life is beautiful. The complexity is unattractive (and it is also slow).

Jim was a student of Computer Science and Economics as an undergraduate and then followed it up with a masters in Information Technology – Software Engineering. Then, he earned an Masters in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University a few years after.

6. The Wealth of Common The Sense of Ben Carlson

Ben is director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He has been managing portfolios for institutional investors for the entirety of his career. He is the writer of several book on the subject of investing.

His blog is focused on managing wealth, investing and financial markets, as well as the psychology of investors.

7. The book Get Rich Slowly is by J.D. Roth

Learn to Get Rich Slowly was one of the first financial blogs to hit the scene , and also one of the first blogs I regularly read. It has many articles that explain how to manage your money.

No matter if you’re a novice or an experienced, this well-organized website is for everyone who wants more financial freedom.

8. Mr. Money Mustache by Pete Adeney

The first pioneers in the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) space Mr. Money Mustache is a forty-something retired man who writes about the ways in which we can each live a low-cost and yet a life .

He will share his knowledge of how this can be achieved and how to create the life you want than your present one which also costs 50-75 percent less.

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